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How ROS enabled autonomous logistics at DHL and StreetScooter

Hey ROS Community,

@ThiloZimmermann and ROS-Industrial are telling our story on how ROS and Autoware enabled us to develop multiple autonomous logistic vehicles over the last 4 year.

The story telling is done based on our robots starting with Eva. I’m looking forward for your questions and feedback:


At ROS-Industrial, we’re always open for guest articles on ROS SUCCESS STORIES that highlight the advanced capabilities of ROS software to industrial relevant hardware and applications.

This is absolutely fantastic! Thanks for sharing it.

Do you regularly collect and report public performance statistics? I would love to be able to say something like “ROS powers XX% of DHL deliveries in Hanover” or something similar.

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Alfi was never so far to go on public roads with the Follow Me Delivery. We just developed it on a private test track and made some investigations on how this function could support the delivery. We stopped with that development since we just wanted to follow real business cases with a clear safety regulations. Even driving just < 10 km/h was not easy with regulations here. That’s why we focused on AMPS to move containers on the DHL hubs. After about 3 months on two different parcels centers of long time testing we gathered enough data and feedback to go into the next development step. The next test phase will start in September. This time in 24h all weather operation and just remote support for operator and drivers. Since we are just 18 people and doing most of the hard- and software in-house this is already an ambitious goal.