How to connect touch sensor to Turtlebot3 OpenCR?

I’m looking to add a touch/bumper sensor to my TB3 using the OpenCR board. I don’t have the Robotis TS-10 sensor, but I’m assuming a simple switch will work. First of all, is that a correct assumption…can I use a normally open touch switch? Or is something more fancy required?

I found this page.… It shows the use of the TS-10 and says it is connected to the OpenCR as follows…

Device PIN
Front sensor ROBOTIS_5-PIN 3
Back sensor ROBOTIS_5-PIN 4

My confusion is in specifically which pins are used. It appears that ROBOTIS_5-Pin 3 is a row of 5 pins with Out2, Gnd, ADC, 3.3v, and Out1. ROBOTIS_5-PIN 4 is also a row of 5 pins (see…). I’m assuming the Gnd pin would be connected to one of the other pins to initiate a “touch”. Or is one of the Out pins used with the ADC? I can’t find where this is specifically explained anywhere and don’t want to take any chances. Any help is appreciated.

(image from the OpenCR page)



I found a little more information about this.

This page shows the switch pinout…

which matches the pins on ROBOTIS_5-PIN 3 and ROBOTIS_5-PIN 4. Seeing as pins 1 and 5 are not used, and the ADC is used, my guess in that the TS-10 switch holds the ADC low (GND) and on a press connects the ADC to high (VCC 3.3V).

Again, I’m a bit hesitant to just try this since I’m leery of damaging my OpenCR, so if anyone can confirm, it’s appreciated.



Though it seems too late, I hope this information helps other developers.

The TS-10 does not use any digital inputs or outputs at Pin #1 or #5 unlike other sensors such as CS-10 color sensor.
Simply supply VCC to the pin #4 and the TS-10 will return the ADC voltage from the pin #3.