How to track DDS performance in ROS 2

Hi everyone!

At eProsima we’ve been working on a solution that allows users to monitor the performance of their Fast DDS environments, called Fast DDS Monitor.

This new tool can also be used to track the DDS performance in ROS 2 when using Fast DDS.

This demo video offers a step by step guide on how:

  • to configure the Fast DDS Monitor for ROS 2.
  • to display topics and entities used for sharing ROS 2 and statistics meta traffic data.
  • to track key performance metrics like latency and throughput of Fast DDS in ROS 2.

The Fast DDS Monitor is free and open source, and enables the tracking of key metrics such as the latency and throughput of the communications with Fast DDS.

Hope you find it useful!


Now you can also check in this video how to use Fast DDS Monitor in order to track a simple publisher/subscriber example set up with Shapes Demo: