ROS News For the Week of 9/27/2021

ROS News for the Week

Ignition Fortress dropped this week. We demonstrated all the new features at the community meeting.

It was IROS 2021 this week. Did you learn about a cool paper or talk? Please drop a link down below.

The Mini Pupper Kickstarter Kicked Off this Week

Please Contribute!

We’ve got a bunch of community initiatives going on right now! Please read up on them and get involved






Thanks so much, Kat.
Mini Pupper ROS Robot Dog Kit now is Top5 in the Technology category and Top1 in the Robots category.
Very appreciated if you can support Mini Pupper Kickstarter campaign!

Many media such as IEEE Spectrum have exposed Mini Pupper.
Thanks, Kat, ROS community, Mini Pupper got much help, very appreciated.

At Weekly Robotics we are restarting our robotics meetups next week, kicking off with a talk about ros2_control by @destogl and @bmagyar. The event will take place on Thursday at 7PM CEST. Here is the link: WR Meetup #13 - ROS2 Control Tickets, Thu, Oct 7, 2021 at 7:00 PM | Eventbrite


Mini Pupper is on the first page of Kickstarter, the best position, for your Mini Pupper!
This is the open-source, ROS robot dog platform you’ve been waiting for.
so please back our project, order Mini Pupper, and lay the foundation for your robot dog platform right now.

Best Regards,
Afreez from Mini Pupper Team

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