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How to use Fast 2.0.x on dashing

Hi guys,

We published here how to use our latest release of Fast DDS (2.0.x) on dashing.

Fast DDS 2.0.x comes with very interesting features for the Autoware use case, as our Shared Memory transport, and our latest version is also compatible with Unity 3D.

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Thanks, @Jamie_Martin_Losa! However, we are not interested in using a DDS implementation that requires building from source at this time. Once it is available as binary packages, we will discuss the option in our Technical Steering Committee.


That is not a problem. We always generate binaries for all our releases. You can download then from our website.

It might also be nice to release Fast DDS 2.0 into ROS2 Rolling so folks can conveniently experiment with the binaries, and tease out corner cases before the next distro release.

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@Jamie_Martin_Losa Sorry, I wasn’t clear. We won’t use it unless it can be installed from the ROS build farm. Maintaining external dependencies outside the build farm is too much work for a project as large as Autoware.AUTO.

@ruffsl Fast DDS 2.0 is already on Foxy and Rolling, but we have some users who would like to use it with Dashing, and that’s the purpose of this post