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Http:// gets stuck

Seems to me that is stuck.

Are the scripts generating the command publicly available?

@wjwwood Any information on this?

The information in ros-infrastructure/ros_buildfarm/doc/jobs/prerelease_jobs.rst should be sufficient to run everything locally.

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Can you be more precise, what part is stuck? All of the code is open source:

I think that @agutenkunst is referring to step 3 (Select Dependents to Test) that does not finish in reasonable time.

I have the same issue which I can reproduce with these steps:

  1. open
  2. select a repository, e.g. std_msgs
  3. click “Next” to got to step 2
  4. click “Next” to got to step 3
  5. “Generate Command” will stay greyed out forever (or at least after my patience runs out)
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@wjwwood The prerelease command generator is still “stuck”.
@agutenkunst You might get more luck by opening an issue at