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I can't use the Autoware to control the LGSVL Simulator

Here is my environment.

  • Ubuntu 16.04 with ROS Kinetic.
  • Autoware.AI Ver.1.10.0 in the docker.
  • LG SVL Simulator 2019.01 and 2018.12-rc1

Here are my configurations of LG SVL Simulator.
Screenshot%20from%202019-03-07%2016-48-33 Screenshot%20from%202019-03-07%2016-49-12

Here are the screenshots of RQt.
rosgraph_nodes rosgraph_tf

But there are nothing in the RViz, I can’t use Autoware to control the simulator.

I wonder to get some help. Thank you very much. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Note: Here are my configurations of Autoware Runtime Manager.

Screenshot%20from%202019-03-07%2016-49-31 Screenshot%20from%202019-03-07%2016-50-11 Screenshot%20from%202019-03-07%2016-50-21 Screenshot%20from%202019-03-07%2016-50-41 Screenshot%20from%202019-03-07%2016-51-43

I want to check 2 things.
1.Did you set initial pose??
2.Did you click tf button in Map tab??

2 is necessary for publishing world -> map frame.


I didn’t set the initial pose and I don’t know how to set it.
I tried to click tf button in Map tab just now and I can see the map on the RViz.

But I can’t see the position of the car.



Please use 2D Pose Estimate in rviz.

I have used that.

But I don’t know how to drive the car in the simulator autonomously via Autoware.


Screenshot%20from%202019-03-12%2010-56-40 frames rosgraph

I think you have no waypoint for the Autoware.
Please use this waypoint!!

How to use the “this waypoint”? :sweat:

Sorry… now try uploading CSV file.

csv waypoint file.
You can load this waypoint file in waypoint_loader package.

I add waypoint csv file to the fire storage.
download password is “autoware”

Now I can use the lgsvl_simulator.rviz

But I couldn’t see the map.

Can you use Autoware/ros/.config/default.rviz?

I have used it.

lgsvl_simulator.rviz is OK.

But default.rviz is not OK. I can’t find my car.

I think you are using sim_default.urdf in Setup tab.
Please use xe.urdf

Where is the xe.urdf?



I can’t find xe.urdf in the autoware repository.


That model is currently available in the develop branch.

You can find it here:


I have updated to the 1.11.0

When I click the LGSVL Simulator, the error message shown.

[rosrun] Couldn’t find executable named rqt_lgsvl_simulator_configurator below /home/autoware/Autoware/ros/install/lgsvl_simulator_bridge/share/lgsvl_simulator_bridge