IEEE RAS SPARX Mentee Program, Exchange, Scholar-at-Risk

Robotics academics from developing countries (e.g. Chile, India, Hungary, Brazil, Egypt, China, South Sudan, to name a few) and threatened scholars who are seeking refuge/resuming their academic careers, have an opportunity for $10k funding towards collaboration with robotics mentors like Seyed Amir Tafrishi, attendance at e.g. IROS & ICRA, etc.

Amir’s one of 16 selected as a mentor in IEEE Robotics and Automation Society SPARX program program and is willing to pair with mentees on bio-inspired underactuated rolling systems, geometric mechanics, unconventional robot design and control +

I realised that the key to finding a successful mentee in these underrepresented groups in robotics is lots of visibility, so I’m reposting here after a chat with him (I’m not affiliated)

If you know someone suitable (postdoc and up), maybe let them know quickly, since they gotta get their submission in by the end of the week!

The second page of the application form shows project details for collaborations including others in:

  • Autonomous navigation and localization for marine robot
  • Energy harvesting for Internet of Underwater Things (IoUT)
  • Disaster Response with Teams of Heterogeneous Robots
  • Open-Source T-FLEX Ankle Exoskeleton
  • Assistive and Rehabilitation Robotics
  • EEG-based Elderly Home Care
  • Teleoperation of Legged Manipulators
  • Deep Learning for Humanoid Robots
  • Soft Robotic Manipulators
  • Predictive Display for Teleoperation
  • Language-driven Manipulation
    and more!!