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Ignition Gazebo support for PX4 Autopilot Software-In-The-Loop Simulations

PX4 is a opensource autopilot project that is used widely in the industry and academia

PX4 provides a Software-In-The-Loop simulation environment so that developers can test / operate vehicles with the PX4 Firmware easily without going out to fly.

PX4 simulation environment now supports Ignition Gazebo Edifice: Add ignition gazebo support for PX4 Software-In-The-Loop simulations by Jaeyoung-Lim · Pull Request #17889 · PX4/PX4-Autopilot · GitHub

Video is shown below:

The simulation can be simply run by running the following command at the root of the PX4-Autopilot Project

make px4_sitl ignition

Have to give it a try.