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Industrial_ci 0.5.0 available. ABI compatibility check, catkin_lint, ARM support etc

Newest version 0.5.0 of industrial_ci is available now. Notable changes: ABI compatibility check feature, catkin_lint feature, and ARM platform support. Check out changelog for more detail:

  • [fix] ROS Prerelease Test by updating to the latest Docker CE #238
  • [capability] ABI check based on abi-compliance-checker #199
    • Follow instruction for adding ABI check to your packages.
  • [capability] catkin_lint feature. #219
  • [capability] implemented ROSDEP_SKIP_KEYS feature #184
  • [enhance] Add support for ARM platform #236
  • Many more bug fixes.
  • Contributors: Mathias Lüdtke, Miguel Prada, Isaac I.Y. Saito

Current users who use it via git clone as recommended don’t need to do anything to get an update.
New users can start from readme.

Your issue reports and requests for industrial_ci are welcomed, no matter how insignificance you think it is (it’s NOT trivial for us in most cases). Feel free to open a ticket here.



industrial_ci 0.5.1 just released. This includes a workaround for a recent upstream regression of docker cp (ref).
industrial_ci users may need to take action:

  • No action required for Travis CI users (both public and private versions).
  • All users on Gitlab CI who uses SSH forwarding need to add a small change in their .gitlab-ci.yml.


Have a carefree holidays with CI in your projects!