Initial setup

Im trying to setup a buildfarm and need some clarification.

  1. I cloned this repo -
  2. The doc in the repo says I need to model as per the config repo #


  1. The file inside the buildfarm_deployment repo does not look like the config files in the buildfarm_deployment_config. Each directory(master,repo and slave) has only manifests and repo_files directory. Where should I drop these config files?
  2. Is there a dockerfile that I can use to spin off 3 servers in my local env.

Thanks in advance,

You don’t need to fork the buildfarm_deployment repo, but the buildfarm_deployment_config repo. See the instructions here about how to “fork” privately.

The system is separated such that you can consider the buildfarm_deployment repo to be used as a tool or library without modifications. You would only need to fork it if you want to change the behavior, and then you would modify your config to refer to your own forked version.

No there is not. We originally started developing and testing doing that. However because we use Docker for isolation of the build steps we had to drop running the 3 host types in Docker too. This is because Docker-In-Docker is possible, but still has many hiccups that caused many more problems than we wanted to deal with. There’s a hope in the future to support running all three server configs on the same host. But that will take a bit of refactoring and is not currently a development priority. We recommend 3 VMs for testing/deployment.