Iron stickers from Spring are YUGE

Hey all,

I just received three stickers in the mail which I ordered from the official Spring store front. They are much bigger than anticipated and quite pixelated. They measure about 13.7cm from bottom to top and the Spring UI says the size is “custom”. Which makes me think someone might have punched in a “5”, thinking it would be cm, when really it was inches. I think Spring have different facilities depending on shipping address; I ordered to France in case it matters.

I think since I never posted, discourse doesn’t let me attach any photos, but suffice it to say that at that size they’re way too big for a laptop. :see_no_evil:

I just wanted to check if anyone else had this issue. I’ll survive this drama, but might be worth it for whoever manages the store front to double check. :slight_smile:

That’s rather unfortunate! It does sound like there might be some of unit conversion problem. Unfortunately we don’t get swag proofs so sometimes it is hard to tell if everything comes out ok. Can you DM @gbiggs directly with photos to see if we can’t sort this situation out.

Thanks for the answer Katherine! As a matter of fact, no, as a newbie/lurker I can’t DM anyone. BUT luckily I also posted this over on Mastodon, and there I have all the pics!

I do want to make it clear I’m not looking for a replacement here, I just wanted to note this so that it can be avoided in the future. In fact, I’m happy to order “proof” copies if indeed someone makes changes to the spring setup. :slight_smile:

@gbiggs I’ll just @ you here for lack of DM powers.

Thanks for the report, @mmcm. Unfortunately Spring only does one-size-fits-all for stickers, and the supplier we use for the stickers we take to places like ROSCon only does lots of hundreds or more. We’ve taken the listing off the store since this is clearly not the quality we want to sell.

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