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ROS Lunar Loggerhead Tshirt's Available!

Lunar Loggerhead TShirt Campaign Open!

With each release of ROS we have a tradition of having a logo and making t-shirts. ROS Lunar Loggerhead is coming out in May. To let you show your ROS colors and support this tradition, we have setup a Teespring Campaign in both the US and the EU. Note that both these campaigns can ship worldwide.

Ordering will be open though May 8th. Order now!


This year we’re also excited to provide an opportunity to order stickers for Lunar Loggerhead. We’re also providing stickers for Lunar as well as all other active ROS distros Indigo, Jade, Kinetic, and a generic ROS Sticker

Please visit our page on Sticker Mule to order any of the stickers.


Note that there’s pretty good price breaks if you order in quantity. So if you have a few friends nearby it’s probably worth doing a group order. And the stickers will continue to be available. The tshirt campaign ends in 20 days so don’t delay ordering.

Since this is the first public announcement, here’s the full graphic for Lunar Loggerhead.

Thanks to everyone who’s been helping prepare the Lunar release. We’re looking forward to the release in May. We expect the tshirts ordered in this campaign will arrive just before ROS Lunar Loggerhead is released!


Just noticed the lunar rover in the background looks like the BURGER model of the Turtlebot 3. Glorious! Lunar XPRIZE here we go!


Are the American Apparel Triblend shirts available? They are listed on there, but I can’t seem to select any of the sizes.

Same problem, I think it’s because American Apparel is going out of business.

I contacted Teespring about that and @tprk77 is right it appears that American Apparel products are only available from what’s in stock. This is what Teespring Support said:

I do apologize, the American Apparel company has been bought out and they are currently reviewing the inventory as to what to keep and they have not sent out any stock since then.

Unfortunately I think that means that we won’t be able to order Triblend’s this campaign. I’ll work with Teespring to see if there’s another product we can replace it with.

No design alternative for T-shirt this time, e.g. v-neck Turtle T-shirt request ?

Moon burgers! Or perhaps Moon turtles!

As some of you have noticed already, working with Teespring we were able to add a replacement Next Level brand Tri-Blend Tee to the campaign. It’s now last in the list of selections:

For those of you who are looking to order the Hoodie and asked about why the Hoodie option has no size options available, unfortunately we’ve run Teespring out of stock in the Gray Hoodies in the US fulfillment center.

Talking to the Teespring Support team they have said that new stock has been ordered but they do not have an expected date for availability. If they come back into stock I’ll reply here to let you know.

As a brief reminder there’s only 6 days left to get your Lunar Loggerhead Tshirt!

Ordering will be open until Tuesday. After that you’re out of luck.

As a brief reminder today Monday it the last day to order your Lunar
Tshirt or Sweatshirt. After that you’re out of luck.

I kind of spaced out with the end of semester and thought the deadline was today. Is there anyway to get in an order for a shirt still?