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ROS Swag - Jackets Edition (Deadline June 27)

Hi all,

Friendly neighborhood Navigationer here. I wanted to reach out and let you know about the latest-and-greatest in ROS swag innovations. We are making ROS fleece jackets, introduced in the Foxy/Noetic tee shirt thread (ROS Noetic and Foxy Tshirts Available!). By popular demand, we’re going with the Eddie Bauer fleece jackets with both a women’s and men’s cut.

The jackets are available for order until June 27, we need a minimum order of 20:

  • $80 for US domestic shipping
  • $95 for international shipping*

If you are local to me (San Francisco / Bay Area) and you would rather pick up an order from me to save a few bucks, that is totally an option. Please reach out to me after filling out an order form and we can arrange pick-up logistics and the discounted non-shipping rate (~$70 will have specific number after placing order).

I have made the prices as cheap as humanly possible to ensure that I don’t end up personally owing hundreds of dollars in case of price overruns on shipping / taxes. However, I will note that I did add a small buffer to the pricing. To make sure that we are entirely above board, any profits from this effort will be redirected back to ROS support and maintenance (e.g. I will not personally profit from this). With ~20 orders, I expect to have ~$150, which I will personally match to fund the design of a new Navigation2 logo. If any more or less, the use will adjust proportionally.

* international shipping rates were estimated and may require a few more dollars at shipping time to cover. I do not expect at this time that anyone ordering internationally will be required to pay any additional fees, but in case of some outlier situation, I’m adding this asterisk. If you know you’re in an odd place for US shipping (Iran, Cuba, etc) please contact me directly and I can look and see what our options might be before ordering.


Ordered! Steve promises the jacket makes you muy guapo or your money back :rofl: For the in-person option use the savings to buy @smac a beer. He’s earned it! :beers:


Ordered :sunglasses: really appreciate the initiative to obtain som high quality Swag :clap:t2:

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Sorry, models are not included. I’m not in the business of human trafficking. I’m only in the business of making dope swag and cool robots.


We’re now 75% of the way to the reserve number required to ship, so I’m pretty confident over the next few days we’ll hit it. I’ll have my hands full one weekend shipping these all out!


this will be a great addition to the collection of T-Shirts :slight_smile:

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We’ve now hit the minimum reserve!

Its all just extra work for me from here on out :sigh:


Why traffic in humans when you can just make humaniform robots instead?

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@smac needs to have more faith in us!


Now you’ve discovered my leadership strategy;

  • set personal high expectations
  • start something and get the wheels turning
  • once it gains traction, communicate reduced realistic expectations assuming worst case
  • In the end, be actually satisfied by my real expectations or be “satisfied” by the reduced expectations publicly communicated

+1, hope it comes to me fast, cheers :beers:

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Ordered! #takemymoney


First off, many thanks @smac for organizing this. The jackets look great, and I’ll order one immediately after this post. :smile:

I can only describe the situation for Germany, but I believe the other EU countries have similar rules. If you live in Germany and order goods from outside the EU, you’ll have to pay import turnover tax (Einfuhrumsatzsteuer, EUSt). So the calculation goes like this:

84.72 € (= $95, value of goods + shipping)
+ 16.10 € (19% EUSt )
+ 7.88 € (PayPal “friends + family” fee for transfers outside the EU)
= 108.70 € (= $121.89 total)

If the shipper fills out a customs form and puts it into a transparent envelope on the outside of the package, the procedure is relatively easy: The EUSt will be prepaid by the German postal service and collected from the buyer on delivery of the package.

If the customs form is missing (or the customs officers believe that it doesn’t match the contents), the buyer will have to pick the package up from the customs office, provide documentation about the amount paid for the purchase and pay the EUSt in person.

(BTW, these are only the rules for goods between 22 € and 150 € from the USA, since that’s what applies here. Anecdotally, over 50% of the world’s tax literature was written in German - kinda reinforces the stereotypes about Germans… )


Thanks for the super awesome idea and effort to organize this!

Any chance of shipping from EU too? As Martin said, import taxes are applied on top of the total cost and here in Greece we have a sweet, sweet 24% import tax! :expressionless:

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I didn’t even think that a nation / group of nations would choose to tax personal, non-company, non-commercial packages. This will be fun to deal with. Curious: does the same work the other way around? Do EU members pay import taxes to the US? That simply feels un-American :us:, what happened to breaking down of tariffs and free market capitalism to a complete and utter fault (don’t answer that, we all know :crying_cat_face:)?

So filling out forms, that sounds fine, but not really sure about the transparent envelope on the outside, I haven’t seen any envelopes available with that and it appears that the USPS no longer accepts paper copies. I’m not sure what that means in terms of if we need to provide one at all or it needs to be in addition to a digital one. I’ll need to determine this more.

But from this description, am I correct in saying that by not filling this out, it will still get to you and not cost you any extra - it is just more inconvenient? I’ll do my best to work through all of this.

In terms of import taxes @gstavrinos there’s not really much I can do about your country’s policy. If you country imposes a massive import tax, I can’t really do anything about that, unless you want to smuggle in a dozen sweaters :wink: .


Same here in India. Are there any buyers from India, we could get in bulk to save shipping charges, may come up to 40-50 USD on UPS, Else will tell my friends at SF to personally collect

So far, I haven’t received any orders from India, but whatever logistics for pick up / shipping that you prefer is fine with me. Keep in mind shipping 10, 1 jacket packages versus 1, 10 packages will not change the percentage-based import tax fees.

I apologize for any additional fees levied for international purchasers due to local import taxes. Something for you to consider when making a decision to purchase but largely out of my control and anything made internationally would be subject to the same from your local regulations.

I will work to make sure I comply as far as I know to local regulations (like having the shipping documentation in a clear external location).

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random suggestion, but if you do need to include forms on the outside of the boxes and can’t find anything for that, some small plastic lunch bags (e.g. ziploc) taped to the box should do the trick and only cost a few bucks for a bunch! That’s pretty much what the usual transparent envelopes are.

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I think this is something I’ll likely need to do for some countries, so I’ll likely figure it out. I’m just searching for the right string of words to properly describe what I need to find (or maybe USPS does this for me, I’ll need to inquire with them as well)

Usually they’re just stuck to the outside:

There’s cheaper smaller ones with less formal printing: