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Is there any DDS implementation using shared memory inside system?



Hi all,

im just curious on this, i can see some vendors working on dds implementation.
but is there any dds implementation supports shared memory? or working?

thanks in advance,


A question like this is better for, but I’ll give you a quick answer here.

  • The RTI Connext DDS implementation definitely has the ability to use shared memory for DDS clients running on the same computing node, and as I recall will do so automatically. However, it will still marshal data because it needs to do so for many of the features of Connext DDS, such as logging and introspection.
  • eProsima’s FastRTPS apparently does not use shared memory yet but it is on their roadmap.
  • OpenSplice DDS does use shared memory internally. I don’t know if this implementation marshals data for shared memory.



thanks, i will look into them.