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Issue: Size of detected_objects_output is always 1 in IMM_UKF_PDA TRACK

After passing the transformed_input to the tracker. size of transformed_input is 18 varying time to time. but the size of the detected_objects_output is always 1. After passing this detected_objects_output to the visualizers node to visualize in RVIZ. suppose if there are ‘n’ number of clusters. Among that ‘n’ number of clusters. it is able to draw a convex hull to only one cluster.

This issue might stem from your situation/rosbag.

Could you confirm that your issue is reproducible in the demo data?

Yeah sure i will let know. By the way i have used KF track algorithm before with the same bag which is used for IMM_UKF_PDA . it is able to track all the objects around the ego vechile. and assign them an ids and draws convex hull on the objects. So i think there will problem with IMM_UKF_PDA code. Any ways i will check with this samle bag and and let you know the result. Thanks

This issue is solved by considering the position of the clusters in the original code position of the clusters are are considered from xmerge(0) for x and xmerge(1) for y by changing this and if I consider the position based on the cluster centroids. The above explained is solved

And . Can u please confirm that

IMM UKF PDA track algorithm gives three out puts to visualise in rviz. First is the distance second is the track id and the third is the velocity.

But I am confused that the first output that is distance. Is it the distance calculated from the starting of the origin or it is the distance between the ego vechile and other surrounding objects?