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Johnny Five Inspired Robot, NE Five, Released!


I’ve just published the first version of my NE Five robot package, it’s just a simulation at the minute but includes the basics of the robot including two cameras, two IMUs, skidsteer control, and two 7dof arms. It’s my first URDF so plenty of scope for improvement but this is very much a work in progress so that’s to be expected. If anyone has any tips let me know, any constructive criticism is welcomed :slight_smile:

It’s early days yet but I’ll be releasing the CAD files, BOM, and code needed to run the physical robot over the next month or so. A video of the current state of the physical bot is below:

NeaveEng/nefive: NE Five ROS Metapackage (


A quick update, I’ve got 3d mapping working using RTAB MAP. It’s a bit delicate at the minute and the robot has a tendency to kinda explode but it’s a good start for sure. I’m hoping to release the nefive-gazebo package next week along with documentation to support it.


Very exciting. I will try it out this weekend.

INPUT! Johnny 5 my fav robot.

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It’s a little rough around the edges so any tips gratefully received, definitely a great project to dig in too!

This is great, Short Circuit was probably my first exposure to robots as a child.

I was watching one of the speed test videos and noticed the head moves quite a lot due to jerk. Perhaps it would be worthwhile stiffening/strengthening that joint?

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@kneave, Are you using the differential_controller? It allows setting acceleration and deceleration constants to prevent jerking your bot around.

I need to learn to use it on my robot - stopping when /cmd_vel:linear is above 0.23m/s causes a face plant!

At the minute I’m just listening for joy commands and I’ve a simple node that controls the motors directly. I’ve encoders I need to wire up too. There’s a few issues with a lot of the joints so a work in progress for sure.

I’ve an earlier prototype that needs rebuilding so will fix a bunch of those problems as I rebuild it, all very much a work in progress :slight_smile:

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