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First Day Of School/My New Career!

I’ve reduced my hours at work so I have more time to dedicate to learning ROS and developing a few robotics projects which will be open source. Today is my first day of my reduced hours and feels a bit like the first day of school! Cue, photo by the front door in my “uniform”, a Foxy Fitzroy t shirt. :slight_smile:

Two projects may be of interest, my PiWars robot MacFeegle Prime and the controller I made for it. I’ve learned a lot from designing that robot so will be redesigning it from scratch. The controller just needs a few tweaks.

The arms have 7 degrees of freedom each and it’s powered by a StereoPi board. I managed to get basic control working using Melodic but I’ve learned a lot more since then and will be scrapping my old code and starting again.

If anyone wants to follow along I have a channel on YouTube where I’ll be posting updates as well as a Patreon page where I’m hoping I’ll be able to get enough pledges to go full time on this. Long shot but nothing ventured, nothing gained!


I love the Johnny 5 styling!

What sort of budget did you need to put the robot together?

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Thanks! With the redesign I’ll get it looking much closer too.

The design very much evolved and I’ll have to make a BOM to be sure but gut feeling is around £500-£600.

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I just did a rough calculation and here’s the parts listing:


Thing	Qty	Cost
StereoPi Deluxe	                1	$200
RedBoard+	                        1	$44
MonsterBorg Motors	        4	£60
Teensy 4.1	                        1	£26
16 Channel Servo Board	1	£15
25KG Servo	                1	£25
MG996R	                        10	£36
TowerPro 9G Servo	        8	£20
Filament (big 2.5KG reel)    1      £60
VL53L0X sensors                9      £41
i2c multiplexors                   2      £13

Total (with currency conversion) is actually £487 (~$620) which is a lot of robot for the price thinking about it! I made a battery pack using scavenged cells from laptops and a BMS, it’s 3s6p LiION but you could grab a cheap LiPO if if wanted, I just had them to hand.

I was honestly expecting to have a much higher number as I’ve been in denial about it if I’m honest! :rofl:

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Just want to chime in that I’m a HUGE fan of Short Circuit so I LOVE seeing this robot!!! Go Johnny Five!!!



Ditto, if you follow my channel (and I’ll post on here) you’ll be able to keep up with the updates and build your own once it’s published :slight_smile: