KUKA Medical innovation award: deadline June 28 2024

Not a sponsored post; I’ve got first-hand experience with this competition and highly recommend it!

When I was robotics lead on the Ligo skin-printing robot for regenerative burns treatment, we were one of the 5 teams in 2022 who were granted access to an LBR Med. As the solo robotics engineer at the time on a very early-stage product, it made a HUGE impact to get access to the KUKA network and a second LBR Med robot (with 62304 certification as a medical device component) for running trials at hospitals in parallel with device development. Lots of other benefits from the competition.

I’ll be speaking about it at our next ROS medical community event, but that talk will be JUST after the competition deadline, so don’t wait for that. Reach out if you’ve got questions, but my message is that participation was very worthwhile for us!

(Senior Roboics Engineer on Ligo 2021-2023)