Next Medical Community group event theme announced!

After a great discussion at our first meeting, the next Medical Community group event is scheduled for 2024-07-02T16:00:00Z.

There are lots of people interested in medical robotics companies being able to focus on their unique selling points, and not duplicating efforts on ROS reliability and certification. But a lot of work towards these goals already exists!

With the goal of knowledge sharing, we’re hosting “FYI, this exists” talks, a series of lightning talks from community members - be they service providers, vendors, individuals, or anyone else in the community with something to share. Sales pitches are welcome - if you’ve solved a problem others might be interested in, this is your platform to share your product/services with others!

Sign up to give your FYI as a quick 5min presentation here, no slides needed.

For inspiration, check/add to the wishlist of topics that the community wants to hear about. And make sure to join this mailing list to receive the calendar invite.