Lichee Pi 4A - 2.5Ghz RISC-V, 16Gb Ram, 4TOPS

Lichee Pi 4A is powered by a RISC-V processor. It supports up to 16GB of RAM. It is on pre-order

It seems to support Yocto

I wonder if it might be an interesting component for a mid-range reference platform for ROS 2 Hardware Acceleration Working Group @vmayoral

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Nice hardware. Seems to pack quite a few accelerators! Thanks for the pointer, will have a look.

Do you have any contacts in this company that you can facilitate so that I can reach out and talk to them? Out of experience, good hardware acceleration integration and support requires involvement of the OEM.

No contact I’m afraid, they did respond to my suggestion of doing a TH1520 in the RPI-CM4 footprint

They suggest an email to

TH1520 has a quad-core Xuantie C910 Open hardware CPU, which is a Risc-V processor with a 12-stage super-scalar pipeline with a three-issue and eight-executive deep out-of-order execution architecture and a single-double-precision floating-point unit. Also on the die is Imagination’s BXM-4-64 GPU and its AX3386 AI accelerator. ref

Their cluster board looks fun too

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