List of SBC's and supported OSs

Continuing the discussion from Re: Indigo on Raspberry PI 3:

I’ve put together a page on the wiki where we can collect SBCs and what OS/archs they support.

Please visit: and help fill in any SBC you’re interested in so we can understand what people are using and are interested in.


There are some OS/Arch combos on that wiki page that are not supported by the buildfarm currently. (ex: Jessie/armhf, Xenial/arm64)

Should there be some kind of notice on the SBC page if this is the case?

If you try to follow the deb install instructions on the wrong arch, the error messages are pretty bad, and hard to debug. (just says ‘Unable to locate package’ on Xenial/arm64)

That page could definitely use some augmentation. Documentation of what platforms have debian packages available would be a great addition.