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[LIVE CLASS] How to Create a Map for Robot Navigation using Cartographer

How to Create a Map for Robot Navigation using Cartographer
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Scheduled for December 3, 2019 @ 6pm - 7pm CET


In this class, you will learn how to use cartographer in order to create a map for navigation.

Why is it so important to learn this topic?

A very important part of robotics is navigation, the ability of a robot to move in an environment, whether for transport, exploration, or various other uses in robotics. There are many techniques that can make robots navigate. The most common is based on SLAM. In order to make a robot move around using SLAM, you need to deal with four things:

  • How to create a map of the environment: this helps the robot understand the environment in which it will work

  • How to localize the robot on that map: this means that the robot has to identify where it is in the environment and to which point in the map it corresponds

  • How to compute a path from a point to another on the map

  • How to move the robot following the path

  • How to make the robot avoid obstacles in its path

You also need for the robot to have:

  • A laser

  • An odometry system

In this particular case, you will learn how to create a map using Cartographer. Cartographer is a system that provides real-time, simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) in 2D and 3D across multiple platforms and sensor configurations.

The robot that we will use is the Summit XL robot by Robotnik.



  • FREE event open for everyone, the only thing you may need to do is “set reminder” on our YouTube channel.

  • We will share the full ROSject (containing robot simulation, notebook with instructions and code) with all the attendants at the beginning of the class. Remember to be on time.

  • In Live Classes, you will practice with the instructor at the same time, with the provided free ROS material.

If you missed the class, you can find the ROSject files and full-code used in the class at the Robot Ignite Academy: 1