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[LIVE CLASS] Using NVIDIA Jetson Nano with ROS

Using NVIDIA Jetson Nano with ROS
Live Class link:


Scheduled for January 21, 2020 @ 6pm - 7pm CET


In this class, we are going to see an example of using a NVIDIA Jetson Nano based robot, with ROS, and making the robot follow a person based on camera information using a deep learning-trained people tracker.


  • How to build a ROS robot based on NVIDIA Jetson Nano
  • How to launch the people tracker, which uses Deep Learning to track a person
  • How to make the ROS robot follow a person using the people tracker

We are going to provide to all the attendants:

  • All the details, bill of materials, and CAD designs to build your own NVIDIA ROS robot
  • A simulation of the robot ready-to-use
  • People tracker properly configured
  • People follower already working

In this class, you’re going to use IgnisBot.


  • FREE event open for everyone, the only thing you may need to do is “set reminder” on our YouTube channel.
  • We will share the full ROSject (containing robot simulation, notebook with instructions and code) with all the attendants at the beginning of the class. Remember to be on time.
  • In Live Classes, you will practice with the instructor at the same time, with the provided free ROS material.

If you missed the class, you can find the ROSject files and full-code used in the class at the Robot Ignite Academy: 1

I was just looking the video, did you try to reverse the order of the comments?
First source the catkin ws, and then source the python3 environment instead of the other way around?

Thanks for your suggestion. The thing was deeper than that because a recent change in the system prevented the installation of a library in the Python 3 virtual environment, required to launch the code.
That was an error in our side that we should have avoided and prevented the mess of the Live Class of yesterday about using NVidia with ROS.

That is why we are repeating the NVidia with ROS class next Tuesday the 28th (well not actually repeating because we did not deliver yesterday’s class ;-).

I apologize for the bad Live Class of yesterday. I hope you will give us a second chance and come to next Tuesday’s (28th Jan 2020) Live Class. We are working non-stop to deliver the best Live Class ever and to provide you with tons of useful value for your ROS Development. What you will get next week:

  • Detailed instructions about how to build your own ROS robot based on Nvidia Jetson Nano
  • The full code running we did to make that robot follow people around and wag its tail when close to the person, using deep learning. It works with CUDA if you launch it on a GPU based board or also works on CPU if not GPU available.
  • The full simulation of the robot so you can test everything before deploying
  • Complete documentation about how to launch everything.

Please join us at this new Youtube live on the 28th Jan 2020 at 18:00 CET:

If next week the class doesn’t work, then I’ll do Seppuku live during the class.