Looking for ROS Kinetic vulnerabilites for Turtlebot3

I am using ROS Kinetic on my Turtlebot3 for my senior design project and need to find a vulnerability to exploit to get a reverse shell on the bot. Any open CVEs would be preffered. I want to look through the list of vulnerabilites and try exploiting them. Thank you!!

Have you looked at the Mitre list? Kinetic normally runs on 16.04 and there are plenty to be had there. In a lot of ways a robot is just a computer on legs or wheels, so all the normal tricks often work.

We don’t really have a list that exists on a per-robot basis. It might we worth looking at SROS and understanding what it is doing and why it is doing that.

Not sure if it can be helpful but you can use docker-scout for free. This is the ros-kinetic vulnerbilities detected on docker scout. In the same way you should be able to test your turtlebot image as well.