Luxonis - Robotics Access for Everyone: rae

Hello, ROS community!

Luxonis is very excited to announce our newest project: rae.

Standing for Robotics Access for Everyone, rae is intended for users of all ages and skill levels, while packing all the power that you’ve grown accustomed to from Luxonis.

Our first ever fully-formed robot is autonomous, open-source, and features ROS 2, SLAM, RVC3, and DepthAI - all right out of the box.

We’d love to hear what the ROS community has to say, and we hope you’ll join us on Kickstarter to learn more!


Nice project! where I can access the code repository?

@LangDaoAI Thank you! We are still developing, but will make the code repository available on GitHub,, and ROSDiscourse when it’s fully ready.

looking forward to the release!
Thanks your rely!

Great Project, I am looking forward to the repo.

Hi. What company are you using to build and assemble the robot? We are looking also.

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