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MoveIt Maintainer Meeting - All Invited - July 25th

Inspired by the success of the many ROS2 working groups such as Navigation WG, we are pleased to announce that during our May MoveIt Maintainer meeting we agreed to open up our monthly meetings to all interested parties of the MoveIt project.

In 2016 we started holding regularly occurring MoveIt Maintainer meetings, where we discussed high level decisions such as roadmapping, releases, contributor policy, style policy, events, and major code changes. These meetings have always been invite-only, to encourage healthy debate and discussion without too many “cooks in the kitchen”. We’ve always had lots of relevant guests join us, but for the most part its been our core maintainers and contributors. Instead, we’ve always posted our meeting minutes online.

A few ground rules for joining

  • No beginner “help me” questions :blush:
  • Please help us stay on our agenda topics, which are emailed to me ahead of time
  • Have a good microphone setup if you choose to speak :studio_microphone:

Next Meeting: Thursday July 25th at 8am PST

Meeting ID

Phone Numbers
(‪US‬) ‪+1 347-486-5750‬
PIN: ‪644 991 049#‬

Country-specific phone numbers are available.


This is a great thing!

Very happy to see this happening. At the same time, it diminishes the relevance of the “Manipulation WG” we kicked off without much success and helps concentrating efforts.

The Manipulation WG’s focus, as with all ROS2 Steering Committee Working Groups, is on ROS 2. Our MoveIt Maintainer meeting instead mostly focuses MoveIt for ROS 1, though it does sometimes include ROS 2 updates and will eventually be all ROS 2 discussions (I hope!).

For now it seems they have slightly different scopes.

@davetcoleman & @vmayoral , I’d like to add a brief topic to the agenda for this week’s meeting - Interactive markers in ROS2. MoveIt uses a whole bunch of them, and there’s a few proposed changes for the ROS2 port which we should discuss:
Interactive Markers in ROS 2 - RFC

[re-posting @ruffsl comment in the other thread]

BTW, you can insert date :spiral_calendar: and times :alarm_clock: inline with posts so they render wrt. reader time zones:

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2019-07-25T15:00:00Z would be correct I guess @ThiloZimmermann

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Great tip @ThiloZimmermann. Re: @simonschmeisser I’ve edited Thilo’s post to have the correct timezone.

@IanTheEngineer good topic idea!