Maritime WG Updates - May Meeting Cancellation

Hello everyone!

I’d like to cover some topics in this post, so here they are:

Cancelling of May meeting
Due to our small agenda for this month and the small quorum of the last meeting, in this month of May there won’t be a monthly meeting.

Migration from Element to Discord
Currently we are using element for fast communication and discussion, but since OSRF has created a Discord channel, in the last meeting with @arjo129 and @bartb we came to a conclusion that it would be better to stick to one communication channel. So I’ll be creating a discord channel and making a solo post about to get more people to see it and join it.

Discussion about the frequency of WG meetings
Since that is not the first time we are cancelling and that in we are not having as much agenda that requires a monthly meeting, maybe it is time to change the frequency of the meetings. In June meeting we should decide what will be our meeting frequency. I think that with a discord channel we may have better offline communication, which can reduce even more the need of a monthly meeting.

This is also a topic that will required a solo post about it, but I’d like to already say that we need more people actively involved in the organization, scheduling… To keep the WG alive. We had and still have people contributing and I think we have a great potential, but we need more active participation to achieve it. We had some roles for contribution that were discussed in March meeting, as you can check it here: community/ at master · ros-maritime/community · GitHub . If you think and want to contribute in any of these topics or in any other topics that you might think, please let us know. I’d like to also to thank everyone that has being participating so far.

That is all for today!
I’ll come back with solo discord channel annoucement, voluteering and June meeting agenda posts this month.

Hi! I have been interested in helping and working in this project for a while.
Sadly was only able to attend a couple meetings, so i am a bit lost about where is everything right now, need to get up to date with everything that happened recently.
I wanted to know how to access the discord Server that you have to chat there and have an easier and more direct way to communicate as i haven’t seen it in the Git description.
Hope you all have a great day!