March/April Maritime Robotics Working Group Meeting

Hi all,
I hope you enjoyed the last session of the maritime working group. If you missed it take a look at the following post: Maritime Robotics WG Meeting #1 Review and Pending Items

For this month unfortunately @Matosinho is moving continents so we have not been able to organize a session in time for next week. However, fret not, we will be holding a session in April 2022. In this session we will be reviewing the charter and @Matosinho will hopefully be previewing his thruster allocation package. We are also looking for speakers who would like to present their work with maritime robotics at the next working group meeting. If you wish to speak or want to suggest a topic for discussion please fill out the following form:

We intend on tentatively holding it on April 5th 2022 at 8am PST. If this timing doesn’t suit you feel free to suggest something different.