MCU board for Micro-Ros to make 6 DOF arm with stepper motors

I need to make a 6 DOF Robotic Arm with Stepper motors and encoders. Which MCU board should I choose for it?
The board should have more than 34 GPIOs and should work well with Micro-Ros.

The Nucleo144 board looks suitable for you.


It has 144 PINs, Cortex-M4 and supports Arduino.


How to setup micro-ROS on any STM32 microcontroller
It can help you to install micro-ROS

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This could be a choice, it’s stm32 based like the necleo boards but comes with 8 modular step stick controllers and spare io

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What if I use 64 pins Nucleo board which is not present in the Micro-ros supported board list.
Will it work with Micro-ros?
Will there be any drawbacks if it works with Micro-ros?

It looks like STM32F103 Nucleo which has 20KB RAM.

The memory size is too small to run micro-ROS.

How about Nucleo F411?

I found one locally available version NUCLEO-F767ZI. Please check this if its fine with Micro-Ros.
Actually, I cannot order directly from the official website because They are not delivering in Pakistan.

Yes, you can use that board.

How to setup micro-ROS on any STM32 microcontroller
Follow the instructions in this video step by step.

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