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Preparing for Melodic sync 2019-07-22

Melodic Maintainers,

Currently Melodic has no regressions and 153 packages ready to sync. I plan to hold new releases for Melodic starting tomorrow, July 23, with a sync later in the week.

Please reply here if there are any outstanding issues I should know about before performing the sync.

Please note that the current packages on shadow-fix have regressions:

  • ros-melodic-cloudwatch-logger
  • ros-melodic-cloudwatch-metrics-collector

We are actively working on fixes to restore the functionality of these packages. If no remedy can be found by Monday, per OSRF guidance, we will rollback.

It also turns out that there are two regressions in ethercat stuff. I have PRs open for that as well:

Given all of that, we’ll be delaying the Melodic sync until next week.

Thanks to @k-okada for a quick review, merge, and release, and we are down to just a couple of regressions in Melodic. We’re still targeting a sync for early next week.

@dabonnie It looks like a bunch of the regressions are fixed, but there are still two more: . From looking at , it seems like the vendored package it is trying to fetch has the wrong checksum; can you look into it?

We have fixed the kinesis issue :

Also, we have fixed

  • ros-kinetic-cloudwatch-logger
  • ros-kinetic-cloudwatch-metrics-collector

and both are currently up to date via rosdistro (repositories has the correct versions). We would like to plan on syncing :slight_smile:

Yep, Melodic is looking good and regression free now. Thanks for the update. I’m now planning a sync for Tuesday, July 30 to give a little soak time.

The sync is out