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Preparing for Melodic sync 2020-03-20

I’m preparing to do another Melodic sync soon since there were two identified regressions in the last sync: dynamic_reconfigure and ros_comm. Both fixes have been merged, and the buildfarm is working on rebuilding everything. Therefore, I’m holding Melodic rosdistro PRs as of right now so we can do another sync early next week.

The status of the build can be seen here: (basically any job that has an “M” in the front is a melodic job still waiting to be built or being built).

@garaemon @furushchev @mallain @mm318 once the build is done, please enable the testing repository and test that these updated packages resolve the problems you’ve seen.


The updated rospy 1.14.5-1 package resolves the problem that we’ve seen. Thanks.


The sync is out.