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Preparing for Melodic sync 2021-03-15

Melodic currently has 1 regression and 92 packages ready to sync.

@JafarAbdi @davetcoleman Can you work together to solve the one regression (see ros_control_boilerplate: 0.5.1-1 in 'melodic/distribution.yaml' [bloom] by JafarAbdi · Pull Request #28389 · ros/rosdistro · GitHub for details).

I’m going to start holding Melodic packages as of today, March 15, and plan to do a sync later in the week. I’ll only be accepting fixes for the regression during this time.

Please reply here if there are any other outstanding issues I should know about before performing a sync.

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We’ll do our best. fyi @RobertWilbrandt

Thanks, appreciated. If it turns out you can’t fix it, the sync will remove it from the distribution. If you are OK with that, we can proceed with the sync despite the regression.

The sync is out.

Would it be time for a new sync?

It’s been a month.

Yes, I was going to look at it this morning, but we ended up having some buildfarm issues. Once those are resolved I’ll see what the current state of Melodic is.

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