Merry Christmas from NORLAB!

Hello everyone !

On behalf of the Northern Robotics Laboratory of Université Laval, I wish you a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year !

Even though we posted Christmas videos in the last years, we didn’t had enough time this year. Despite that, we have a small gift for all the ROS community, especially for everyone who are now using Humble !

Indeed, this year was a year of change and update for us, as we moved from melodic to humble ! I’m proud to share the migration work that was done by our lab this year ! Here are all the packages and tools that have been migrated, developed and tested on our platforms.

Mapping pipeline

Our mapping pipeline is based on libpointmatcher. Here is a tutorial on how to use our packages.

Controllers and Teach & Repeat


Rosbag management

These tools are based on rosbags for working with rosbags. Hats off to the team at Ternaris for developing and maintaining it.

  • rosbag-topic-compare : Pure Python package to determine the topic consistency of a rosbag dataset

  • rosbag-topic-remove : Pure Python package to delete topics from a rosbag, with glob-like wildcard pattern matching


Great news, guys! Can we also look forward to a writeup summing up what worked, what did not, and what were the greatest obstacles? :slight_smile:


Thanks !
We will surely post a writeup about our experience and challenges with our ROS2 migration ! :slight_smile:


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