micro-ROS is reaching commercial platforms: CAPRA HIRCUS

Capra Robotics and eProsima join forces to launch Capra Hircus: a ROS 2 & micro-ROS based platform :boom:

Today, Capra Robotics announced the launch of their mobile robot platform, Capra Hircus :laughing:

The Capra Mobile Robot Platform is based on the Robot Operating System (ROS 2) framework. As a novelty, the Capra Robot has a combination of micro processors (CPUs) and micro controllers (MCUs) which communication is based on ROS 2. MCUs have access to the DDS Data Space through micro-ROS, this framework enhances ROS 2 and allows the integration of embedded devices.

Porting micro-ROS into a commercial prototype stands for technical reliability of the framework. Moreover, it highlights the clear benefit that the ROS 2 framework brings, which is the capacity to face real time systems challenges. This strongly impacts the possibility of widening the scope of ROS 2-based applications in Industry 4.0 and Industrial IoT applications.

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