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micro-ROS teensy support?

We are using teensy boards (Cortex-M4) in numerous projects with ROS1 and rosserial arduino. As we are transitioning to ROS2, we are wandering how we will upgrade our teensy boards (one easy solution would be to just use ros1 bridge along with rosserial arduino and not change anything). Hence we are contemplating the idea of running mirco-ROS on our teensys. Is there any planned support for these boards or anywhere to start?
It looks like it is possible, with some effort, to run FreeRTOS on them:
Same for Zephir:


I would love to see this happen. I think microROS should be the default replacement for ROS Serial / Arduino (that’s just my humble opinion). I think @FraFin might be the person to talk to.


Thanks Katherine!

@doisyg , we are studying your case. You will hear from us soon, but yes, it seems totally possible.


Great! If there is a need for tests on our side, we use Teensy 3.2 boards


@doisyg Thanks for the info! (and @Katherine_Scott for the redirection :slight_smile:)
Here at micro-ROS, we’d love to give support to Teensy boards, and this is coming with surprisingly perfect timing as we are internally developing a line to get Arduino IDE support right now!

It would be interesting for us if you could provide some insight regarding your build system and workflow. We have recently developed a tool for integrating micro-ROS into external platforms, which has already proven to work pretty well in a couple of use-cases and that could come in handy.

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Good to know that it is getting closer!
We simply use the Arduino IDE with the Teensyduino extension installed and the ros lib built (rosrun rosserial_arduino .)
Then we use the .hex firmware generated by the Arduino IDE and we can deploy and flash it using a CLI tool (teensy_loader_cli).
So if micro-ROS could be used with the Arduino IDE, that would be strictly equivalent in our workflow.
Of course we would love to have the build automated with CMake and catkin/colcon, but that can be a long term goal (we managed to do it for regular Arduino boards but never succeeded for Teensys)

So if micro-ROS could be used with the Arduino IDE, that would be strictly equivalent in our workflow.

We’d love to discuss all these matters ‘in person’ someday soon. We think we may have valuable knowledge to share regarding the points raised above.


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Sure, don’t hesitate.