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Motion planning & grasping


I would like to offer part-time opportunity for contractor who could help me to code & perform a series of simulations in AWS (selected humanoid robot). If you are specialised in one or more categories below, please contact me for further details or nominate someone who might be interested:

What humanoid robot should do:
1, Perform motion planning in dynamical environment (household)
2, Maintain balance
3, Pick and place objects that are known to robot
(3D object recognition as a part of robotic vision is currently under development and needs to be practically validated in simulation as well)

The purpose of small prototypes is to do a few steps towards merging different expertise and evaluate new chip development that could speed-up complex computations of humanoid robots.

Many thanks for your support and have a great day!

Jakub Chytil


could you provide more info?:
1/ any specific simulation software (Vrep is viable?)
2/ movement scheme of robots (they are controlled by human or autonomous, how do they act (application,etc)?
let discuss further some technical aspects if possible?

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thank you for your questionse

1, Gazebo with physics suitable with grasping would be better since the simulation should be accessible online for more team members. If you can do it with V-rep, that could be also ok.

2, I have more scenarios that should be performed by robot only, but based on human definition of task like “go to the kitchen, grab a glass and put it on the table” (all objects, rooms and interior places are well defined to robot)

/Sure, lets discuss more details, do you have a Skype for chat or call?

Best regards,

Jakub Chytil

Hi Jacuk, I just sent you message in Skype. I already have one team member, but lets talk about possible collaboration even though. There is a space for more collaborators & team members.

Many thanks,