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Aeolus Robotics is hiring grasping and manipulation experts

Aeolus Robotics is hiring grasping and manipulation experts

Aeolus Robotics ( was founded to bring the first generation of multi-purpose robot assistants into service across the globe, Aeolus Robotics is a global company with offices in Taiwan, Austria, Poland and Japan. Integrating world-class, world-wide AI and Robot Systems genius with Taiwanese manufacturing aptitude, we are breaking new ground in general-purpose commercial-consumer robotics with capabilities in unstructured “human” spaces.

With over 100 engineers on staff and a leadership team that includes decades of experience at leading tech companies and institutions ranging from Microsoft to DARPA, we have the expertise, personnel, and breakthrough technological approaches to ensure success in this challenging, fast-emerging field.

Aeolus Robotics is looking for experienced people willing to join our team on full time employment. At the moment we have open following positions:

Simulation Engineer for Manipulation and Grasping:

Senior Researcher for Grasping:

These roles permit flexible working hours. You will work in a scrum-based agile development cycle. You will be working alongside founders, researchers, and engineers to design and build first-generation robotic solutions for mass consumer adoption.

If you are interested in applying to one of these positions, please send a message to HIRING@AEOLUSBOT.COM with your CV, and CC Please indicate for which position you are applying. Further open positions can be found here:

David Fischinger

Dr. David Fischinger
Aeolus Robotics, Inc.
Salztorgasse 7/10a
1010 Wien

Aeolus Robotics, Inc. | Rechtsform: Corporation | Sitz der Gesellschaft: 1209 Orange Street, Wilmington,
County of New Castle USA-19801 Delaware | Registriert im Office of the Secretary of State Delaware, Nr. 6203533
Inländische Zweigniederlassung:
Firma: Aeolus Robotics, Inc., Zweigniederlassung Wien
Geschäftsanschrift: Salztorgasse 7/10a, 1010 Wien, Austria
Firmenbuch: Handelsgericht Wien | Firmenbuchnummer: FN 492341g

That’s a pretty nice robot you got there @david.fischinger!

Can you share a bit more about how are you using ROS, Gazebo and other-related packages including MoveIt!? Are you guys interested by any chance in ROS 2 and would be willing to contribute to part of the effort?

We are transitioning more and more towards ROS and are also using Gazebo and MoveIt!
Currently, there are no plans about ROS 2.

Further information I would prefer to share in non-public conversations.