MoveIt Maintainer Meeting - Nov 30

The next Manipulation WG Meeting / MoveIt Maintainer Meeting will be 2022-11-30T16:00:00Z. The meeting is pushed to a later date than usual because of Thanksgiving.


  • Old business
  • MoveIt Updates
    • New Release Rolling 2.6.0, Humble 2.5.4
    • GSoC Status
      • Python Bindings for MoveIt 2 (Peter)
      • Simultaneous Trajectory Execution (Christian)
    • Parallel Planning Feature (Sebastian)
  • GitHub Discussions (Tyler)
  • MTC Release? (Vatan)


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Phone Numbers (US)

+1 347-486-5750

PIN: 644 991 049#



  • David Lu
  • Peter David Fagan
  • Paul Gesel
  • Vatan Aksoy Tezer
  • Christian Beltran
  • Cory Crean
  • Sebastian Castro
  • Chris Thrasher
  • Cassidy Elliott
  • Andy Zelenak
  • Henning Kayser
  • Andrej Orsula
  • Jafar Uruc
  • Sebastian Jahr
  • Tyler Weaver
  • Christian Henkel
  • Marq Rasmussen
  • Abishalini Sivaraman
  • Nathan Brooks
  • Mark Moll


  • Peter David Fagan: Python bindings
    • Basic functionality exists
    • Have set asside two weeks to continue working on this
    • Hopfully early January review/merge python bindings
  • Chrstian Beltran: Simultaneous Trajectory Execution
  • Sebastian Jahr: Parallel Planning
    • Extends the plan command to plan with multiple planning pipelines
    • Starts a thread for each planner
    • Define a function that determens which planner result to use
    • Feature is merged into MoveIt
    • Open PR for tutorial needs reviews:
    • Still investigating if this should be a default behavior
    • Backported to MoveIt 1 but benchmarking is only in MoveIt 2
    • Have been using this in customer projects
  • Tyler: GitHub Discussions
    • Christian H: previous company tried doing this. Some people find it easier to discuss around the PR.
    • Why not do it on discourse?
      • Concerned about the barrier to entry to communicating on discourse and people already working on github to have to go to another site to have a discussion
      • I’ve been asked to stop having conversations on discourse because it sends too many emails
      • David: Maybe if we use the MoveIt channel you wouldn’t receive that reaction
    • Peter: Example of a closed PR related to Python bindings where a discussion channel on Python development may have helped:
    • Henning: maybe label a stale bot that would add a label
      • Chris: if someone hasn’t rebased their work in two weeks then they are unlikely to update it
      • David: I wonder what the options are for closing only if the PR is abandoned and has merge conflicts and not just waiting for reviews
      • Christian H: I like the idea of a stale bot for labels
    • I (tyler) have started going through old PRs and trying to find a helpful conclusion for them.
  • Andy: Would like a sync between MoveIt 1 and MoveIt 2 because their have been nice features
    • Abi: I can do the sync, would like a bot to help with this but do not know
    • Henning: How difficult is it to resolve the conflicts?
    • Abi: It takes about an hour and is usaully really straightforward. I haven’t done one in 3 months so it will be a few weeks to get synced again.
    • Abi: Would like to break it up more so it is easier to merge faster.
    • Henning: Would really like to use something like mergify with a PR for each PR that we would like to forward port. Worried about it being allot of noise.
  • Vatan: MTC release?
    • Is there any blockers or anything preventing us from releasing MTC?
    • Henning: I think Michael already agreed to a release a couple meetings ago
    • Vatan: Will give it a few days and see about a few issues
    • Henning: For ROS 1 Robert merged python bindings for MTC, sync?
      • Peter: would be interested in looking at the python bindings for MTC
  • Chris Thrasher and Stephanie Eng are new Core Contributors!
  • Nathan: What is the status of fixing overriding for MoveIt?
    • Tyler: Working on it.
  • Peter: Interested in working on YouTube videos around python bindings.
    • Sebastian J: Should we add links to videos on the site?
    • Tyler: yes, please send PR