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MoveIt Maintainer Meeting Recap - April 25th, 2019

Notes taken by Andy Zelenak


  • Dave Coleman
  • Jon Binney
  • Robert Haschke
  • Ian McMahon
  • Bryce Willey
  • Gijs vd. Hoorn
  • Jorge Nicho
  • Nathan Brooks
  • Mike Lautman
  • Henning Kaiser
  • Andy Zelenak
  • Yu Yan

The “!” is officially gone from the title of MoveIt

Jog Arm PR has been merged

  • real-time, Jacobian-based jogging at ~500-1000 Hz control rates
  • Has been tested mostly on UR robots
  • Will not work yet for most industrial robots because it’s not jerk-limited
  • Exists in moveit_experimental for now

Discussion of a new MoveIt Advanced Tutorials webpage

  • The MoveIt tutorials page is getting busy
  • May create a new page for larger demos/ integration tests/ tutorials
  • Yu to provide an example he has already created

OMPL Planning Plugin

GSoC Progress (Bryce Willey and Felix von Drigalski)

  • MoveIt requested 1-2 slots through OSRF for students to work on the proposed projects focusing on collision detection and TrajOpt integration (
  • OSRF received many of it’s requested spots for Google Summer of Code students.
  • The selected students will be announced May 6th, so be on the look out for new faces in the community.

Bryce was voted in as a full MoveIt maintainer with write access

A workaround for testing MoveIt packages outside of Travis CI

  • Travis CI limits test time to 50 minutes
  • The MoveIt repo is large enough to often exceed that limit
  • Mike is working on a Docker method to run tests locally
  • Robert recommends a different approach, will work with Mike offline

How do the maintainers like the new auto-ping feature

  • General approval
  • Mike will continue providing a monthly report

ROS2 progress

  • Accutronic is making good progress
  • It’s uncertain if the Dashing release will be met
  • Emphasize on high-quality, well-tested code vs. Dashing release, if needed
  • This initial effort is mostly a port, an extensive rewrite is desired for later

Potential ROS2 features

  • Planning can take several seconds, during which the PlanningScene could change
  • Would be nice to update the PlanningScene faster in ROS2

Thank you so much. :partying_face: No more grammatical conundrums in my tutorials!

Do you know when the decision will be made on whether to release in Dashing or not? I have a tutorial to do in September and I need to decide soon if I use an arm or a mobile robot.

Thanks for the notes!

Our team would’ve loved to participate in the meeting. Asked for an invitation but never got one (@mlautman and @davetcoleman, what happened?). Would it be possible to post it (publicly) in advance the same way other groups are doing?

I’d argue several of these points and further extend some others but unfortunately, we didn’t get the chance to participate.

Overall, we are aiming to have a minimum set of functionality for Dashing including some demonstrators but certainly not a feature complete port (which was never the goal for Dashing). May/June are our internal deadlines.

For anyone interested in the ROS 2 port, we’ll be having meetings from now on in the open through the ROS 2 Manipulation WG. First meeting already announced at Manipulation WG - Friday 3rd of May, 17:00 CET (9AM PDT, 1AM JST).

If you need to decide now, then I’d advice for a navigation tutorial however if you have still room for the decision, I’d advice to check back with us at the end of June. That’ll give you a nice picture of the status and enough time to prepare the tutorial.

(no formal commitment about this for now) While our current roadmap finishes in June with the first demonstrators of MoveIt 2, provided we have enough resources, we probably will continue supporting the MoveIt community for a few more months. This should push the maturity of the port over the summer.

@vmayoral, my apologies for you not being included on the invite. We recently switched the calendar invite to be auto-populated based on the MoveIt maintainer Google Group. We had a breakdown in process where, when we added you as a MoveIt Contributor on the website, we forgot to also add you to that Google Group mailing list. I’ve just sent you the invites to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

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Thanks @davetcoleman!