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MoveIt! Maintainer Meeting Recap - Nov 20th 2018


  • World MoveIt! Day takeaways
  • Switching to a master branch
  • Making bigger changes to the codebase
  • Our next release target - ROS Noetic?
  • General release notes - Isaac
  • C++14
  • Adding new maintainers
  • MoveIt! Task Constructor


  • Michael ‘v4hn’ Görner
  • Robert Haschke
  • Jorge Nicho
  • Zack Kingston
  • Will Baker
  • Simon Schmeißer
  • Jon Binnery
  • Michael Ferguson
  • Dave Coleman
  • Mike Lautman
  • Andy McEvoy
  • Nathan Brooks
  • Henning Kayser


  • World MoveIt! Day takeaways
  • Our next release target - ROS Noetic?
    • Release our own debians: setup Buildbot?
      • Would require to add another ubuntu repo to users’ system
      • Must always keep version number newer than ROS buildfarm
      • Overlay OSRF packages
      • Michael could spin up an image
      • Downstream users can’t build on top of that version
    • Option: Build them on the OSRF farm
      • Modify bloom to put out "unstable/dev" packages
    • master branch is extra work load in some regards
    • master branch: compile against what?
    • has to compile on the last 2 ROS systems
  • Drop Lunar from Docker / CI
    • Decision: turn off Docker for lunar (fixed)
  • Switching to a master branch
    • Overall consensus is yes
    • Undiscussed: when to branch from melodic-devel to master
  • Making bigger changes to the codebase
    • C++14
    • Seems everyone is in favor
  • Adding new maintainers & Reviewing PRs
    • Make stats more public
    • Tool to watch activity
    • Most people just slightly touch moveit
    • Most of the PRs people don’t know how to address it
    • Auto-assign based on modified files?
    • Use labels: filter on subject?
    • Git hook: add hash tag?
    • Outcome: do further research and report back next month
  • MoveIt! Task Constructor
    • Replacing current pick-place pipeline: will happen in future but not yet
    • Structure different type of queries
    • Can’t load all the Planners all at once
    • Need to add tutorials, screenshot on website

Thanks everyone for attending!

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One thing that came to my mind wrt 100+ mails, maybe you could add a filter (in your mail program) that modifies the priority of mails containing your github nick? This way direct pings would still be noticed …

On a more drastic side I think even following Dave’s (discard all other mails) idea is not that bad as you can still see them in your github inbox, subscribe to PRs you are interested in etc. You will not read those old mails anyway. Better visit the site from time to time and discover something new instead of being constantly overwhelmed.

I just discovered that if you are mentioned on github (using the @), the mail you get will contain as CC so you can filter for this as well. Or use it to increase mail priority