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MoveIt Manipulation WG Meeting - July 22nd

The next Manipulation WG Meeting / MoveIt Maintainer Meeting will be July 22nd at 8am PST.

Your time zone: 2021-07-22T15:00:00Z


  • Old business
  • Release updates / blockers (Tyler)
  • MoveIt 2.2 (Foxy, Galactic, Rolling), Roadmap (Henning)
  • Hybrid Planning Update (Sebastian/Henning)
  • < your topic >

Please request any agenda topics you would like included.

Meeting ID

Phone Numbers (US)

+1 347-486-5750

PIN: 644 991 049#

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I’d like to talk briefly about Cartesian Paths related PRs

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I’ll try to join the meeting for input on #2273, I might be late (getting my second vaccine!). I think this can be merged rather quickly as it should not influence existing functionality (hope CI agrees :roll_eyes: ) and we can fix issues when it’s actually used.
I consider it a prerequisite to start the PR for planning with orientation constraints, which is (kind of) ready and is waiting in the pipeline. (Note, this is all MoveIt 1 specific.) Thanks for your work on it!

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Could we discuss the Windows fixes by Ace314159:

Symbols visibility headers are now autogenerated as requested.

Meeting Notes - 22 July 2021

Release Updates (Henning):

  • Release for Foxy, Galactic and Rolling is done!
  • Next release will be September 10

Starting the MSA Port (Henning):

Hybrid Planning (Sebastian):

  • We have a working demo and open PRs to review
  • Working with Fraunhofer IPA for a welding demo
  • A tutorial PR has been filed to moveit2_tutorials
  • Henning: Merge will be done after the welding demo is complete with Fraunhofer, which would work as a proof of concept and help debugging and improving the architecture

OMPL Orientation Constraints PR (Gauthier):

  • Felix: In favor of merging it but we need to backport it
  • Discussion about merging the MoveIt 1 PR: MoveIt and MoveIt 2 codebases should be almost the same except the launch file and ROS / ROS2 differences
  • Gauthier: Working on the PRs locally
  • Should discuss further in the next standup

Cartesian Scaling PR (Gauthier):

  • Pilz can set the scaling and speed, but there is no direct way of doing it
  • Henning: This is useful, but we would need extra parametrization

Pilz Dependency Issues:

  • No updates
  • Prerelease is still broken

Windows Port (Lior):

  • Akash’s PR is tested and runs without any problems: Fixes for Windows by Ace314159 · Pull Request #530 · ros-planning/moveit2 · GitHub
  • We changed the visibility headers to use auto generated ones
  • PRs are ready for review and standing for some time:
  • Henning: We need a Windows maintainer for MoveIt and MoveIt 2
    • Lior: I am interested in contributing and maintaining.
    • After Micheal and Robert’s approval and opinions we can move on
  • Tyler: Need of CI in Windows, and somebody to maintain / fix problems with PRs breaking Windows
  • Windows Fixup PR will be reviewed by a few volunteers with Windows machines
  • Lior, on CI: ROS2 and MoveIt 2 is trivial to test and run on Windows, and open to help

MacOS Support:

  • Painful: Tier 3 Support and have to build ROS2 from source
  • Mark can test things if needed, difficult to ensure stable versions for now

GSoC Updates (Felix):

  • David (Captain Yoshi) couldn’t make into this meeting but have a nice presentation to show in the next meeting

Continuing MoveIt 2 Foxy support (Tyler):

  • Some headers are deprecated
  • We won’t be able to compile the same code on Foxy and Rolling as soon as there is a sync on Rolling, as some headers are removed
  • Will be branching off for Foxy pretty soon

Teaser: Multi-arm manipulation (Felix):

  • We have a very cool project that can plan and check safety with a multi robot arm configuration at the same time that is almost done
  • Can’t release right now. The code needs to be disentangled from the project
  • Let me know if anyone is interested to talk about the project