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MoveIt Manipulation WG Meeting - September 30th

The next Manipulation WG Meeting / MoveIt Maintainer Meeting will be September 30th at 8am PST .

Your time zone: 2021-09-30T15:00:00Z


  • Old business
  • Getting Felix’s Pull Requests merged
  • Switching default trajectory parameterization algorithm (Andy)
  • New SmoothingBasePlugin for Servo, implements ButterworthFilter, Ruckig (Andy)
  • MoveIt 2 branching strategy (Tyler)
  • ros-planning Ownership (v4hn)
  • New Maintainer, Core Contributors

Please request any agenda topics you would like included.


Phone Numbers (US)

+1 347-486-5750

PIN: 644 991 049#

Notes from the meeting:

Felix Drigalski, Henning Kayser, Vatan Aksoy Tezer, Jorge Nicho, Jack Center, Andy Zelenak, Jafar Abdi, Davide Faconti, Joe Schornak, Simon SchmeiBer, Sebastian Jahr, Tyler Weaver, Marq Rasmussen, Lior Lustgarten, Michael Goerner

  • [Henning] Felix, what can we do to get your PRs merged quickly before you leave, and can you lean on Cambel to work on his PR.
    • [Felix] will push on Cambel and invite him to MMM
    • [Henning] we can try to support him by breaking up PR into chunks
    • [Felix] meet at a different time with him directly (not midnight Felix time)
    • [Henning] what other changes should we push on
    • [Felix] The one Simon was working on and some small ones like the speed limitation one
  • [Andy] New jerk-limited trajectory smoothing algorithm (Ruckig)
    • [Simon] Does it need to be run after TOTG
    • [Andy] Yes because it doesn’t do time parameterization
    • [Simon] So it only makes slower
    • [Andy] Yes, you can look at it that way. I also tried adding it to servo and it didn’t work well so I closed that PR.
    • [Henning] Should we make it the new default.
    • [Andy] We should give it some time to be tested first.
    • [Henning] You also added a plugin for servo for smoothing
    • [Andy] Yes, if someone wants to use reflexxes they can easily
  • [Tyler] Release plan (Develop on rolling, release with ROS)
    • [Henning] How to we make sure the versions are stable
    • [Davide] Tutorials not ported doesn’t look good (we should remove not ported tutorials). LTS version should be supported by the tutorials up to date.
    • [Marq] I agree that tutorials should only support the LTS
    • [Vatan] We should maintain the tutorials with moveit2.
    • [Henning] Tyler do you want to open an issue about this
    • [Tyler] I will
  • [Henning] Welcome Simon as a new maintainer
    • [Felix] Good replacement
  • [Henning] We need a windows maintainer, we would like to offer that to Lior, do you agree?
    • [Lior] We have been discussing that internally here. I think that would be good. I have clearance to spend more time on that. Looking forward to this and am looking at general PRs too.
    • [Henning] How has moveit2 been working on Windows
    • [Lior] The latest version seems to be stable and the demo seems to work. Are there other things I should try? Where is the list of tutorials that should work on Foxy.
    • [Henning] Just the website. Just don’t try ones that haven’t been ported yet.
    • [Lior] I will go through that and check which ones work.
  • [Michael] ros-planning owners, two responsible people are not here
    • [Michael] warehouse-ros-sql migration we agreed on 2 months ago and still isn’t done.
    • [Tyler] I will ask Nathan to do that.
    • [Michael] Suggest adding myself and Robert so we can fix issues timely
    • [Andy] I second that.
  • [Henning] We would like Vatan to become Core Contributor as a stepping stone to becoming a Maintainer. He has been very active and we are really happy with the work he is doing. Congrats!
  • [Simon] How does backporting from MoveIt 2 to 1 work? Such as Ruckig plugin.
    • [Henning] No fixed plan for that but you would just cherry-pick commits and refactoring the ROS interfaces.
    • [Simon] Is that a manual step
    • [Henning] Yes, very manual step
    • [Michael] Problem with Ruckig is it is cpp17
  • [Michael] I will miss you, Felix. We will set you to a list of inactive maintainers.
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