[Nav2] Load, Save and Loop Waypoints from the Nav2 Panel in RViz

Hello Everyone,

First of all, Happy New Year Everyone! To celebrate the New Year, @smac and the Nav2 team have decided to roll out some nice new features. You might have already seen the new navigator plugin types. Following that comes an upgrade for the Nav2 RViz plugin.

Nav2 Panel in RViz has been a great tool for monitoring and quick prototyping of various applications as it allows to perform waypoint following. I’m glad to announce that, as a further enhancement, with the recent update, the user would be able to:

  • load and save waypoints in a yaml file for waypoint following (initial pose can also be stored if required)
  • loop functionality to revisit the waypoints, can easily specify the desired number of loops
  • pause and resume button for stopping and continuing through the waypoints

Here is a small demo of all the new features:

(Yes, we have added Nav2 logo as well :raised_hands: )

Save Waypoints
Load Waypoints
Loop, pause and resume

Robot used for the demo Neobotix MPO-700. Link to the Neobotix simulation package can be found here.

The waypoints are currently stored in yaml file. Looping functionality is not specific to the nav2 panel in RViz. Users utilizing nav2_waypoint_follower can take advantage of the changes made to the FollowWaypoint action, by specifying the desired number of loops in the action request that will be eventually sent to the nav2_waypoint_follower server.

We certainly believe the features added to the nav2 plugin improve the user-friendliness of RViz further for developing and prototyping applications with Nav2.

Are you interested in getting involved with Navigation2? then we have a nice follow-up issue.

Happy waypoint-following peeps!