Nav2 Logo Update!

I’d love to announce for you today the all new Nav2 project logo, adapted for recent events in the world! It shows that Nav2 is so reliable, it’ll keep on going up until an F-16 takes out your robot with an AIM-9x missile. Nav2 will do a much better job at navigating only in legal areas however with keepout zones :wink:


Happy aerial maneuvering,



I’d like to open a ticket to set the default keepout zones in Nav2 to include well established restricted airspaces. My poor little robotic hot-air balloon was shot down somewhere over Nevada.

P.S. That live replay recording appears to depict an F-22, not a F-16. Where did your robot possibly go that would warranted interception by a fifth-generation air superiority fighter?

Consider yourself to be lucky, someone dumped fuel over my flying drone and I don’t even know why.

Limited edition holographic stickers available, while supplies last!

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