New Nav2 Website!

Howdy yal, its Your Friendly Neighborhood Navigator! We have a really awesome announcement this week over at Open Navigation!

This week is our one-year anniversary! :clinking_glasses: :confetti_ball: Its been quite a ride over the last year, but we’ve had some amazing partners and sponsors that has made Nav2 continue to grow better/faster/stronger and set up for success for the long-term future. We have made some great progress this year already (with more in store, just you wait :wink:) thanks to the amazing community around Nav2 and the ROS mobile robotics ecosystem. Its an honor to be involved in this effort and continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible for us all to share together!

To celebrate, we’d like to introduce you to our brand-spanking-new website:

This was made possible by the generous support of our Sponsors and in particular Barn Owl Precision Agriculture! An amazing project deserves an amazing website and I’m so happy to unveil this to the community to show robots running Nav2 in the real-world highlighted for all to see!

In conjunction with this update, we’re also migrating our documentation away from and over to this week for all your tutorial-and-documentation-referencing needs. You’ll notice some broken links as we get to updating all the nooks and crannies of Nav2 for the new website, but bookmark this website moving forward!

We’ll be adding a few more webpages like this over the coming weeks to highlight end users. If you have pictures of your robots running Nav2 that you want to share, please send me a message or an email! I’d love to see them and include them in the new user showcase!

Happy webbing,



Thank you for all the hard work.

When can we expect to see nav2 running in jazzy jalisco?

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