[Nav2 WG] Oct 12 2023 Minutes

Navigation Working Group Meeting Minutes - Oct 12


  • Steve Macenski
  • Ben Perseghetti
  • Mohammed Ibrahim
  • Ryan Friedman
  • Alejandro Cordero
  • Marques Rasmussen

New additions of note:

  • GPS tutorial (Kiwibot)
  • VIO tutorial with Stereolabs (Open Navigation)
  • MPPI binaries are fixed, waiting on sync for update. AVX512 Xeon issue in build farm (Open Navigation)
  • New syncs 1.2.5 and 1.1.12 on way to you shortly! (Open Navigation)
  • Significant MPPI run-time and behavioral upgrades – goal critic 25% lighter, PathAlign aligns better + 80% faster, smaller upgrades across the controller to continue after ROSCon. Minus Obstacle critic, can now run 100hz on 7th gen U CPU (Open Navigation)
  • Removed support for single goal checker in Rolling and newer, reintroduces controller server’s RQT Reconfigure application that doesn’t handle it well (Open Navigation)
  • Collision Monitor supports dynamic polygons and sources disable / enable callbacks (Pixel Robotics)
  • Allowing Nav2 to compile on MacOS complete (Ardupilot)
  • Publishing additional lifecycle diagnostics for analysis (@Plaqueoff)
  • Removed all crashing exit conditions in plugin loaders (Open Navigation)
  • Wait action now takes floating point instead of int number of seconds (@maksymdidukh)


New bugs of note:

  • MPPI binaries are broken fix coming in 1.2.5 and 1.1.12 for Humble/Iron

Anything else?

  • Alejandro & Ben & Ryan – Gazebo vs Ignition migration status and check (@ahcorde)
    • New gazebo performs worse than gazebo classic (80% vs 100% CPU)
    • Something seems very wrong; costmaps not showing up and state estimation is running away
    • Can we skip Ignition and just go to Gazebo2? Can do in all bridge, etc. The world file is only thing that needs to be updated later.
    • https://github.com/ros-planning/navigation2/pull/3634