[Nav2 WG] Sept 14 2023

Navigation Working Group Meeting Minutes - Sept 14


  • Steve Macenski
  • Francisco Martin Rico
  • Josh Wallace
  • Magda Skoczen
  • Alexey Merzlyakov
  • Sayed Sheikh
  • Sachin Kumar

New people introduce themselves



  • N/A

New additions of note:

  • Fixing RQT Reconfigure for Controller Server in main branch (Open Navigation)
  • New Collision Detection node within the Collision Monitor package (Pixel Robotics)
  • New Unique vs Cloned multi-robot launch files (LG)
  • Fixing lifecycle node cycling in Humble due to costmap threads (Open Navigation)
  • Expose the action server result timeout as a parameter as a medium-term work around to the rcl actionlib bug (Kiwibot)
  • Added support for multi-robot and namespacing to the Simple Commander API (Open Navigation)
  • Fixed bug in BT navigator preventing getting of node parameters in the BT node plugins (Open Navigation)


New bugs of note:

  • MPPI binaries are broken for TBD reason. Build from source.

Anything else?

Round Robbin (questions, comments, what youre working on, updates, etc)

  • Steve: stereolabs guide, vio tutorial, roscon talk finalizing,

  • Alexey: added videos on the collision monitor to readme/docs. Working on Sphinx updates on nav2 docs. ROS rate work in rclcpp.

  • Francisco: working non-planar navigation this summer! Shown a cool videos!

  • Josh: Route server progress

  • Magda: Costmap subscriber questions

  • Sachin: GPU openCL interest. Collision checking, amcl, and voxel layer. Batch processing or per-line segment.

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