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Navigation2 WG Meeting notes 10/24/2019




Steve M


John C.


Geoff B.

Shivang Patel

(+ several others, apologies I didn’t get the full list)


The existing calendar event will be deprecated and replaced by a new one from the common ROS events calendar here:

To get invited, join the Navigation WG Google Group here:

The existing WG calendar event will be kept through the end of November, after which time, it will be deleted.

Issues discussed

1280 - Many map related tickets, how to triage and collapse the list? We agreed to review each one in the list and close those not relevant, combine what we can. Agreed an owner needed for some of them if we want them done for F-Turtle.

1283 - Failure occurring during debug builds in CI. Carlos and Carl are going to look at it and update.

1270 - Adds nav2_bringup to the navigation2 meta-package. This means installing navigation2 will include nav2_bringup. Previously it was installed separately. The nav2_bringup package will no longer include the other dependent packages (bt_navigator, etc) as those are in the metapackage. This means that nav2_bringup won’t pull those in automatically.

1289 - Proposal changes the BT action clients to use feedback to determine when something is done and then only query for the result at the end. Steve is going to create a PR to do this.

1269 - Adds ability to select what planner plugin is used for a given node in the behavior tree.

  • After much discussion it was agreed that this would proceed if it kept the same Action name as before, and if it allowed for an empty string to be passed in the case where there is only one planner plugin loaded. This is essentially like the default behavior today.