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Need for robotic arm

Hello Geeks,
I am searching a robot arm for my application.
And we have some particular requirements for this arm, as below:

  1. Reach: The arm should be having a good amount of maximum reach. Likely 1m in all directions.
  2. Payload: We have the payload to be less than 3kg.
  3. Weight: We need to mount this on another actuator and we will need to have least weight.

Yes I know there are some of the obvious options like Universal Robots, Clearpath, etc.
But may be I will get some better option (as we need more reach), from community.

Thanks in advance.


Quick list at fingertips.

Aubo i7 - Reach 1150 mm, Payload 7 kg, weight 32 kg
Doosan M0617 - Reach 1700 mm, Payload 6 kg, weight 34 kg
Kassow Robots KR1205 - Reach 1200 mm, Payload 5 kg, weight 25 kg
Staubli TX2 Touch 60L or 90 - Reach 920 mm or 1000 mm, Payload 3.7 or 14 kg, weight 52 or 111 kg.
Flexiv Adaptive Robot - Reach 1000mm, Payload 8 kg, weight 22 kg
Productive Robotics OB7 - Reach 1000 mm, Payload 5 kg, weight 22 kg
YUANDA ROBOT - Reach 1000 mm, Payload 6.6 kg, weight 11 kg
Han’s Robots Elfin E5-L or E10, Reach 950 mm or 1000 mm, Payload 3.5 kg or 10 kg, weight 24 kg or 40 kg

Hello Saurabh,

We may shortly begin the development of a very light and compact robotic arm (a few kg - size of a shoebox at rest) based on bistable composite. With a such compact product we can cover up to 5m in all directions. But you won’t have as many DoF as in classical robotic amrs.

Do not hesitate to share with us more info on your use-case…

Pilz PRBT - Reach 741mm, Payload 6kg, weight 19kg, ROS packages directly from the manipulator manufacturer,

Alex - Pilz GmbH & Co. KG

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Hi Saurabh,
I think Franka Emika is a good choice whith 7 dof and 17kg weight, payload 3kg, and 855mm reach. Moreover, it has a C++ library lib_franka and a ROS library franka_ros.

Hello zbr, thanks for response. I looked in the datasheet of this Franka Emika robotic arm, and the datasheet is as below:

In this I can see the weight as 17kg and controller weight is actually 7kg.
Can you please confirm if you were talking about same arm.
It will useful for my application only when it is light weight.

Hi Saurbah,
Yes, Indeed it was a mistake from me. However, for an ultra-lightweight robot, I think Kinova is the best deal. but it depends on your application.
Please refer to page 20.

Hello zbr,
Thanks for responding again, I think this is a good option to try on.

Hello Matt,
Thanks for sharing so much of the links.
Among these I found Yuanda to be useful as its weight is 11kg, but I confirmed from their team, it is 30kg.
So continuing with some other suggestions.
Please let me know if there is something else brand for light weight robot.

Thanks again,

Here is this list of cobot arms

But I’m yet to find some comparison

technical data and benchmarks for different use-cases. Payload, repeatability and axis speed tell very little.

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